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Solution: Data structure and searching

As of writing of this blog post, Lumeer is still in search for an advice on what he should learn first to be able to solve your particular business case. Tell us, how Lumeer could help you.
Lumeer organizes data into collections. Although the collections are very flexible, you are most likely to keep similar data together in a single basket. There is no new concept in that. Each collection can be assigned a specific colour and icon to help you visually identify the data category. This visual aid will save you some time reading and you will know what type of data you see at the first sight.
In collections, there are individual pieces of data called documents. We borrowed the terminology from NoSQL databases which also serve as backend storage. The documents are very flexible in what information they carry. You can put whatever you want in any document and store it in any collection. However, it is most logical to have documents with similar types of information (i.e. attributes) togeth…