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How did we set a vision for Lumeer

Few months ago, when we started creating Lumeer, we had to start from scratch. There was no solid base on which we were going to build our solution, and there was so much to figure out, from technologies we wanted to use to what should user interface look like. Actually, every question we had to answer had given rise to another few and it was difficult to just choose the best possible answer and move forward. Anybody who has ever started a new project, regardless of its size or field, has surely experienced that situation. Have you? And if you have, what helped you to progress? If everything isn’t clear at the moment, how can we go and make the next step?

For us, the most important thing was that from the beginning, we knew the big picture – what do we want to create and what do we want to become. Organizations that know who they are, what are their values and where are they going – or, what their mission and vision is – perform much better than those which don’t know or at least aren…